SID Comes to Holt!

1st August 2007

Holt Parish purchased their own SID (Speed Indicator Device) which it is to share with nearby Colehill. Parishes previously had only occasional use of one of the half dozen or so SIDs operated across Dorset, by the Safety Camera Partnership. The device is intended to educate road users by displaying their speed when they are exceeding the limit. Experience shows that average speeds reduce by 3-5% as a result of SID use.

When Holt Parish Plan Group consulted residents last year, speeding was identified as their top issue of concern. Colehill also identified speeding as a major issue through their local Home Watch ‘Community Safety Survey’.

Rob Camp from the County Highways Department, provided training for 5 local Councillors at the first site in Holt Lane near Pig Oak. The Councillors were Keith Baker, KD Johnson & Mike Bartlett from Colehill, Holt Councillor Bob Finlay (who is also Chair of the Parish Plan Group) and Peter Finney, Councillor of both parishes. In addition to the existing 6 SID sites in the Parishes, County Highways have agreed to erect poles at 2 additional sites in Furzehill and Lonnen Road, Colehill.

Funding for the equipment came through a local charity, and the Partnership’s Traffic & Transport Theme Action Group.