17th March 2010

7.30pm Village Hall

Present: Chair, Norman Jones, Ray Bell Secretary, Adrian Hibberd, Katherine Puttick, Christine Hensel, Toni McKee Dorset Youth Association.

1. Welcome and thank you for attending/ Apologies:-Dist. Cllr. Ian Monks
Neil Buckland, Christine Cooke, Cllr. Steve Butler.

General discussion:-It would appear that major restructuring of EDDC is imminent.
No Local Action Group minutes to be sent to participants by post commencing 2010
All to be sent by email. This will be implemented as soon as possible

2. The minutes of the last meeting agreed.

3. Crime and Safety & Traffic: Alderholt:-
New style Police Newsletters was available for members giving information on Police activities in our area, in particular rural crime and traffic speeding issues.
Crime figures: - see PS
Speeding: - This is another priority identified in the newsletter along with Anti social behaviour.
Parking & Road Safety Issues: - Alderholt First School, Park Lane is a Police priority according to the latest newsletter

4. Surplus Store Site: (8 acres)
Rijan, Daggons Road, Alderholt. This building is to be demolished and replaced by 2 x detached, 2 x semi-detached plus garage buildings.

5. Youth: Welcome to Toni McKee of the DYA (Research & Development Worker)
Toni explained the function of her association, in dealing with youth matters. On 13th July 2010 there is an open day at Moors Valley to engage with young people, investigating the support that can be given to youth to encourage many outdoor activities. The Youth Council will be launched at St.Georges’ Field Ferndown, a family fun day for school age children up to age 19 years on Saturday 3rd July 2010. There followed a general discussion on youth matters and the work and aims of the DYA.
A Beaver Colony (6 to 8 years) is to start on Tues day 23rd March 2010.

6. Health: - CH reported there is no further information with regard to the Bespoke Pharmacy. The Fordingbridge Hospital: - Building works are going ahead. The Hospital has Practice Development Unit accreditation. The new methods of working for staff are deemed to be successful.

7. Education: - (Surestart) CH. Step up free school meals for disadvantaged children, of which there are 5 categories. Community Cohesion Plan – how the school fits in to its community (ethnic diversity), children’s rights SHEEP.
Local schools are being encouraged to be open 0800 to 1800 with breakfast clubs and after school clubs for activities to allow, for example parents working hours and Health and Safety.

8. Environment: - Core Strategy covers every part of the environment Sowing Seeds

9. The Rifle Range Update: - The deeds for this land still cannot be found.

10. Village Hall Update: Approval for the forthcoming works on the hall has been approved. Only one complaint received.

11. Other Matters: Dog fouling is still a problem and a new dog warden has been appointed and has already been patrolling the problem areas. The authorities are taking this issue very seriously.

The meeting closed at 9.00 pm. Next meeting 7.30pm Wednesday 19th May 2010 Other dates as follows: - 21st July, and 15th Sept. 17th Nov.

Post Script: - The clerk to the parish council has been in contact with Dorset County Council regarding the traffic congestion at Charing Cross. As already discussed a meeting with the interested parties has been requested and the date is awaited. As planned the roadworks in Station Road commenced on time and diversions set.
Crime figures for March: - Alderholt Theft 1. Total 1. Anti – Social Behaviour calls 6. Speed checks 2. Throughout the area tickets and warnings have been issued.